Pun-Fun Company Mixer Edition (21-40 Players)


    •         Fantastic Activity to “open-up” a business meeting
    •         Great mixer for a Seasonal or Christmas office party
    •         Create an atmosphere of adventure like a “scavenger hunt”
    •         21 to 40 Players
    •         10 to 15 minutes to play
    •         Easy to learn & fun to play
    •         $11.95 + shipping & handling
    •         See Work Icebreaker or Game for 8-20 players
    •         We can customize games for 40+ players; Contact Us

Amazon Customer Reviews

Great meeting ice-breaker

We had a regional sales meeting with 15 people of different ages, genders and from different parts of the US.  PUN·FUN was a great mixer to kick-off the meeting with 10 minutes of laughs and groans.  Winner received a gift certificate. — Bernadette


PUN·FUN was a “happening” – laughs

We wanted a 10-15 minute mixer for our company holiday party.  PUN·FUN was a “happening” = laughs, groans, action !!! Can’t wait to play again, we will use everytime we bring in new summer interns.

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