Pun-Fun Classic Edition 3 (21-40 Players)


  •         It will be a hit at your next party or activity
  •         Funny & wholesome activity for your next get together
  •         Create an atmosphere of adventure like a “scavenger hunt”
  •         21 to 40 Players
  •         10 to 15 minutes to play
  •         Easy to learn & fun to play
  •         $11.95 + shipping & handling
  •         See Icebreaker Game for 8-20 players
  •         We can customize games for 41+ players; contact us

Amazon Customer Reviews

Thanksgiving Dinner

There were 12 of us sitting around at Thanksgiving dinner, very much in need of an activity after the heavy meal.  My friend, John, took out PUN·FUN and we had a blast!  It got us all involved.  It was a better activity than arguing over family matters at the table.  We all left the dinner smarter and in a good mood. Nice, simple, wholesome game.


Great! Ice Breaker for a party or event!

If you are looking for an Icebreaker at your next party or event that will get people talking to each other with movement/action = PUN·FUN will do it in a unique and funny way!

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