Icebreaker Games for Large Groups

Icebreaker Games for Large Groups

Looking for an icebreaker game or party game for a large group of 21 to 40 people? Pun-Fun™ offers four fun, classic edition pun games to engage big groups of people.

If your group is smaller, check out our classic small group icebreaker games for groups of 8 to 20 players.


We can also customize games for groups larger than 40.

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Large Group Icebreaker Features

Each player wears at least one sticker with a Pun-Fun™ picture. Players mingle and match the clues to the tally sheet.

  • Easy to get started—even with large groups!
  • Simple to learn
  • Fun! Creates an exciting atmosphere like a scavenger hunt
  • Guaranteed to elicit laughs (and lighthearted groans!)
  • Challenging but not overly difficult (college age and up)
  • Quickly involves all players—no one is left out
  • Wholesome fun
  • People put down their mobile devices!
  • Play time: approximately 15 minutes
  • For 21 to 40 players
  • Big Group game at a small price: still a steal at $11.95, pennies per player

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Large Group Icebreaker Reviews

If you are looking for an Icebreaker at your next party or event that will get people talking to each other with movement/action = Pun-Fun™ will do it in a unique and funny way!

am a teacher in Illinois and tried playing Pun-Fun™ in one of my classes and had wonderful results! The students loved it and even those that are normally very quiet got involved. I discovered Pun-Fun™ had many teachable applications, life cooperation, communication skills, and teamwork. Thanks for making my classroom come alive!!! ” 


Other Large Group Icebreakers

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