Icebreaker Games for Work

Holiday Party or Icebreaker Game for Work

When you need a fun icebreaker game for work, think of Pun-Fun™ Company Mixer.
We offer the perfect icebreaker game for colleagues or strangers to open your:

  • Corporate training sessions
  • Business meetings
  • Annual holiday or Christmas office party
  • Any company anniversary party or celebration
  • Team building activities

We can also customize pun games for groups larger than 40.

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Icebreaker Game for Work Features

Each player wears at least one sticker with a Pun-Fun™ picture. Players mingle and match the clues to the tally sheet.

  • Easy to organize
  • Quick to get started
  • Simple to learn and fun to play
  • Gets employees up and moving
  • Inclusive—everyone plays
  • Challenging, but not overly difficult
  • Requires only 10 to 15 minutes
  • Available for 8 to 20 players or 21 to 40 players

Icebreaker Game for Work Reviews

We wanted a 10 – 15 minute mixer for our company holiday party. Pun-Fun™ was a “happening” = laughs, groans, action!!! Can't wait to play again, we will use it every time we bring in new summer interns!


We had a regional sales meeting with 15 people of different ages, genders and from different parts of the U. S. Pun-Fun™ was a great mixer to kick-off the meeting with 10 minutes of laughs and groans. Winner received a gift certificate.” Bernadette