Icebreaker Games for Teens

Party and Icebreaker Games for Teens

Looking for an inclusive game that will engage all teen players? Look no further. You’ve found Pun-Fun™, the ultimate icebreaker game, party game, or youth group activity for teens and tweens.

Our Pun-Fun™ Icebreaker Games for Teens serve triple duty. Hilarious fun for parties! Challenging fun for schools! Wholesome fun for youth groups!

We can also customize games for groups larger than 40.

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Icebreaker Games for Teens Features

Each player wears at least one sticker with a Pun-Fun™ picture. Players mingle and match the clues to the tally sheet.

  • Easy to learn
  • Fun to play tween or teen party game
  • Educational icebreaker for middle school, high school or college
  • Creates an atmosphere of adventure
  • Inclusive—no one is left out
  • Great for tweens through college age
  • Wholesome fun—amazing teen party, school, or youth group icebreaker
  • Teen editions 1 and 2 have entirely different puns
  • Both teen editions available for small groups (8 to 20 players)
  • Both teen editions available for large groups (21 to 40 players)

Icebreaker Games for Teens Reviews

My teenage daughter played Pun-Fun™ with 14 of her friends at her birthday party here at our home. 15-20 minutes of FUN!!! I bought a $10.00 gift card for the winner who got 16 of the 20 puns correct. I recommend Pun-Fun™ - Like a hilarious scavenger hunt!!!

So, this was a great purchase! Our daughter's 13th birthday had kids 12 to 14. My sister persuaded the 'too cool' kids to play the game and they had a blast. I'm gonna buy the adult version!

Fun way to spend time with the 'tween' grandkids when they visited. Lots of laughs and fun!

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