How to Play

How to Play

To Play: Match The Images With the Words Below

Mixed Drink

To Dodge or Avoid


(answers are shown at the bottom of this page)

Pun-Fun™ in Action
Here's how it's done:
Each player wears a label with a different picture on it.

Each player has a tally sheet of phrases that describe the pictures.

The object of the game is to match the pictures with the phases, but you have to be quick-witted because they’re all puns.  The player who guesses the most puns wins.

  • Game includes:
  • 20 stick-on labels with pictures
  • 20 tally sheets
  • Answer sheet
  • Instructions on how to play

For 8 to 40 players.  Ages 13 and up.

Watch the video here to learn more about playing Pun-Fun™.


Watch Instructional Video

Two = Pair or Pear

Mixed Drink = Screwdriver

To Dodge or Avoid = Duck

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