Challenging Games for Adults

Challenging Games for Adults: Pun-Fun™ Expert

Pun-Fun™ Expert editions are challenging games for adults. A perfect gift for the “two-thirds of a pun” joker, jester, and prankster in your life.

These brain teasing puns will stump, but (alas!) never stop, the punster in your life.


We can also customize games for groups larger than 40.

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Pun-FunChallenging Games for Pun Experts

Each player wears at least one sticker with a thought-provoking Pun-Fun™ picture. Players mingle and match the picture to the challenging clues on the tally sheet.

  • Easy to learn
  • Stimulates your brain power
  • Educational and interactive
  • Great for the intellectually gifted, book clubs, Mensa groups, and wordsmiths
  • Thought-provoking to play
  • Editions 1 and 2 have entirely different puns
  • Both editions come in small group (8 to 20 players) and large group (21 to 40 players) versions
  • Takes 15-20 minutes

PUN·FUN Party Game Expert Edition 1

Each edition has different puns for your next party or event.

PUN·FUN Party Game Expert Edition 2

Each edition has different puns for your next party or event.

Expert Punster Review

My book club meets monthly & with Pun-Fun™ I knew it would be a challenge to their 'wordsmith wit.' It was exactly that! Many head-scratching puns/homophones/riddles to sort out & solve in a setting of interaction around the room. About 15 minutes of fun for all!!”