John, the owner of Pun-Fun™ Party Games, struggled to find his calling before he headed up Pun-Fun Party Games, LLC.

About the Early Years

John worked at a condiment factory, but he didn’t relish it. He found himself in a real pickle and couldn’t ketchup with the assembly line.

That’s when John transferred to an orange juice factory, but he couldn’t concentrate.

He tried other successive careers. He couldn’t hack the work as a lumberjack, so they gave him (you guessed it!) the axe. His time at the muffler factory was exhausting. He didn’t have the patience to be a doctor. What’s more, he just didn’t fit in at the shoe store.

Plus, he realized his work as a historian had no future in it. After many years of trying to find steady work, John finally settled on Pun-Fun™ the hilarious group icebreaker.


The Birth of Pun-Fun

The 24 Pun-Fun™ games were originally born from a game invented for a New Year’s Eve party in a Chicago area hotel ballroom.

There, John and his friend Ted had invited many corporate coworkers as well as long-time personal friends. Afraid the groups might not mix, they needed an entertaining way to get people to mingle, relax and talk to each other.

Enter Pun-Fun™! Initiated at the beginning of the evening, the players moved around the room, laughed, competed, interacted and made new friends. In sum, they had a great time. Best of all, John now has steady work.

He’s sure you and your friends will laugh as you match wits.

You’ll be challenged in a very punny way. Think you can match wits with John? Try the Expert Editions, challenging games for adults.

What the Chicago Tribune Said About Pun-Fun

"Punsters, be of good cheer, now there’s a game guaranteed to satisfy your most playful whims. It’s called "Pun-Fun" and is designed to serve as a party mixer for large crowds, providing you want your parties to start off with a hearty round of groaning.

It works like this: As each guest enters your party, no doubt nervous and anxiety ridden about not knowing anyone else there, he or she is given a sticker with a picture on it – it might be an eagle saying "I’m sick" or a living room sofa. Then each one is given a tally sheet with words that match up – after a fashion – with the pictures stuck to everyone’s chests. For example, you would have to meet up with that ill eagle to get the correct answer for Against the Law and when you came to city in Iowa on your sheet you would have to keep poking through the crowd until you found the davenport – get it?

Considered by some who have played it, it’s the ultimate ice breaker."ChicagoTribune_2.png

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