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“The Ultimate Ice Breaker”

Get the conversation started with PUN FUN Party Games!

Great for adults, teens, birthday parties, corporate events, and family gatherings.

  • 8 to 40 Players

  • 10 to 15 Minutes to Play

  • Easy to Learn & Fun to Play

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  • Teens enjoy PunFun the Ultimate Ice Breaker Game. Order Now
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We had a blast!

“There were 12 of us sitting around at Thanksgiving dinner, very much in need of an activity after the heavy meal.  My friend, John, took out PUN·FUN and we had a blast!  It got us all involved. …We all left the dinner smarter and in a good mood. Nice, simple, wholesome game.”

Great Ice Breaker for a party or event!

“If you are looking for an Icebreaker at your next party or event that will get people talking to each other with movement/action = PUN·FUN will do it in a unique and funny way!”

Great Company Mixer!

We wanted a 10 – 15 minute mixer for our company holiday party. PUN FUN was a “happening” = laughs, groans, action !!! Can’t wait to play again, we will use every time we bring in new summer interns!”

What is Pun Fun Party Games?

  • Each player wears a label with a different picture on it.
  • All players have a tally sheet of phrases that describe the pictures.
  • The object of the game is to match the pictures with the phrases, but you have to be quick-witted because they’re all puns.
  • The player who discovers the most correct puns wins!

For 8 to 40 players.  Ages 13 and up. Select your group size when ordering.

Match the clues & phrases, then determine the correct pun!

The laughter of charades and the movement of a scavenger hunt.

Ice Breaker Party Game for Large or Small groups - PUNFUN



Looking for new editions of PUN FUN with all new puns (including teens, sports, company mixer, showers)?