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In each group game, players wear stickers with a Pun-Fun™ picture. Players mingle, and match the clues to the tally sheet.

  • Classic Group Party Games/Small Group Icebreaker Games (8-20 Adult Players)
  • Icebreaker Games for Large Groups (21-40 Adult Players)
  • Sports Trivia (Teen or Adult Fans)
  • Party and Icebreaker Games for Teens, Tweens or Youth Groups
  • Party and Icebreaker Games for Work
  • Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game
  • Challenging Games for Adults (Expert Level)
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    Punsters, be of good cheer, now there’s a game guaranteed to satisfy your most playful whims. It’s called "Pun-Fun" and is designed to serve as a party mixer for large crowds, providing you want your parties to start off with a hearty round of groaning... Considered by some who have played it,

    it’s the ultimate ice breaker.